VistaOne, Fleet Visibility and Control

VistaOne LLC is a master sales agency for fleet safety, productivity, compliance, and risk mitigation solutions. Our goal is to compile a portfolio of solution provider clients who are either industry leaders, or innovative disrupters, or (preferably) both. Our goal is to bring these solutions to the attention of individuals in an organization that will benefit personally and professionally from them. These people will typically be C-suite executives responsible for corporate financial risk management, supply chain, logistics, or executives with direct responsibility for employee and public safety.

As a master sales agency VistaOne is seeking professional salespeople who have the aptitude to understand the technical and business values that our solution portfolio brings, and the sales skills to know where to align those values to a particular customer organization.

We are currently seeking Agents in all 50 states in the United States.

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Next Steps…

Contact us now to discuss opportunities to have your solutions added to our portfolio. For prospective agents, please include your resume or other relevant information.